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Parks & Recreation

union-city43Ken Morris, Director

Union City Parks and Recreation Department maintains and operates approximately 250 acres of recreational facilities. These facilities include picnic areas, walking trail, tennis courts, playgrounds, model airplane field, restrooms and other support facilities. These facilities are located throughout Union City with the main recreational focus being located at Graham Park. Other parks include Adams Park, Kiwanis Park Merchants Park, 5th Street, Nash Street, and the recently completed Veteran's Park.

The department is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of four city owned cemeteries.


City of Union City
Parks & Recreation / Cemeteries Department
408 S. Depot St.
Union City, TN 38281

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Parks and Recreation Division:
To provide ideal recreation facilities, programs and services in order to enhance the quality of life of our citizens.

Cemetery Division:
To operate and maintain the places of internment of our citizens bereft of life, with optimum care.


Graham Parkunion-city43

Graham Park, located in the eastern part of Union City, is the largest park in the system. This park is approximately 195 acres in size and is the hub of outdoor recreation in the area. Graham Park was originally developed in the mid 1950's and has steadily grown ever since. This park is the home of Little League, Minor League and Babe Ruth Baseball; as well as Kiwanis Girls and Adult Industrial Softball. Over the past few years, soccer has become a very popular youth sport and games are played at this facility as well.

Graham Park also hosts six color coated tennis courts, a one mile fitness trail, a remote control model airplane flying field, a horse riding ring, picnic areas and pavilions and a 6,000 square foot modular playground and a 20,000 square foot wooden playground known as "Community Playground 2000."

Veteran’s Parkunion-city43

Veteran’s Park is the newest facility in the Union City Park System. This Park was constructed with funding from the Tennessee Department of Transportation Enhancement Grant Program and local government funds. The park is located in the north central part of the City at the intersection of U.S Hwy 51 ( Everett Blvd. )  and S.R. 21 ( N. Clover St. ).

The Park is named in honor of those who have served in the Armed Forces of the United States and is adorned with flags of each branch of the U.S. Military.




The Park is 28 acres in size and includes a large fishing pond with a pier and boardwalk. The Park is naturally scenic along its three-quarter mile walking trail, and features a 3200 square foot covered pavilion with rest room facilities.

Veteran’s Park is presently open from sunrise to sunset. Fishing is allowed under Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Regulations. The pond is stocked with Bass, Crappie and Catfish.

Future plans for the park include additional lighting around the walking trail and east entrance.


Kiwanis Parkunion-city43

Kiwanis Park, situated in downtown Union City, is the oldest park in the city. It features passive recreation in an old style setting. This Park was developed in the 1890's and features a circa 1900 gazebo, along with an ornamental fountain that celebrates it's 100th year. Also at this park you will find one of the oldest memorials to the confederate dead.



Kiwanis Park is rich in tradition of political events as well as band concerts from days gone by. This park is definitely a landmark held close to the citizens of Union City.


Adams Park

Adams Park, named for long time Mayor, C.H."Red" Adams, is a neighborhood park located in the northern section of Union City. Although only approximately an acre in size, it provides a safe recreation environment for the children of the area with swings, slides and climbers.

Middle School Tennis Courtsunion-city43

Middle School Tennis Courts, named such because of the proximity to the Union City Middle School, these courts are the home of the Union City Golden Tornado Tennis Team, as well as the host to many City and League sponsored tennis tournaments. These courts feature color coated surface with a pavilion and rest room facilities.

Cemetery Division:

Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the following Cemeteries located within the corporate limits of the City Of Union City.

eastview-cemeteryEastview Cemetery

City View Cemetery

Confederate Cemetery

Scott Cemetery

Burial lots are available in Eastview Cemetery. Lots consist of two (2) grave spaces and may be purchased for $600 per lot.

Cemetery Regulations:

No Cemetery lot shall be used for any purpose other than a place for burial of the dead.

The grades of all lots shall be determined by the CITY OF UNION CITY.

All grave markers and monuments shall be approved by th CITY OF UNION CITY.

No trees shall be planted on any lots except those planted by the CITY OF UNION CITY, all shrubs and plants placed on any lots must have prior approval of the CITY OF UNION CITY. The propriortors of those lots must maintain and care for such shrubs and plants. Should any shrub or plant become detrimental to adjacent lots, drives, avenues or walkways it is lawful and the duty of the CITY OF UNION CITY to remove same.

No fence or coping shall be erected upon any cemetery lot and no slabs or corner markers shall rise above the level of the ground.

In order that the City may at all times have a permanent record of the ownership of all cemetery lots, it shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation owning a cemetery lot to sell, transfer or convey the same without obtaining the prior, written consent of the CITY OF UNION CITY.

All workmen employed to do work in cemeteries are and shall be subject to the control and direction of the CITY OF UNION CITY. Any workman failing and refusing to be so governed and controlled shall be ejected and shall not again be permitted to work therein.

A rigid grave liner / vault shall be required with any burial that takes place in any cemetery owned or maintained by the CITY OF UNION CITY.

Cemetery Rules:

Cemetery Hours are Dawn to Dusk, The Cemeteries are CLOSED After Dark.

No Firearms except for Military Funerals.

No Bicycles, Rollerblades, Skates or Skateboards.

No Loud Noises - Please Respect Dignity of Cemeteries.

All Winter Decorations are to be removed by April 1st.

During Mowing Season ALL Flowers/Arrangements MUST Be Attached to Monuments in Vases or Urns. Shepherds Hooks Allowed With Permission ONLY.

No Glass Objects, No Plastic Solar Lighting, No Freestanding Arranagements.

All Floral Arrangements WILL be Removed No Later Than Seven Days After Burial.

CITY OF UNION CITY is NOT Responsible for Items Left at Gravesite.

ALL Acts of Vandalism WILL be Prosecuted.

All Work Performed in Cemeteries Will Fall Under the Jurisdiction of CITY OF UNION CITY.

CITY OF UNION CITY Reserves the Right To Maintain Cemeteries in the Way the City Deems Appropriate and in the Best Interest of ALL Lot Owners and the Dignity of the Cemeteries.

Title VI Public Notice: The City of Union City does not discriminate based on race, color, or national origin in federal or state sponsored programs, pursuant to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C. 2000d).