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Public Works

public-works-unioncity-tnStephen A. Ladd, Director

The Union City, Tennessee Public Works Department offers a wide range of infrastructure services to city residents and beyond. From water and wastewater collection, to street repairs, Union City Public Works maintain and improve the city's infrastructure.

Their goal is to provide citizens with prompt, courteous, economical and safe services, and to ensure that infrastructure meets or exceeds the growing needs of the community.


City of Union City
Public Works Department

Phone / 731.885.9601

Fax / 731.884.2144

Street Department Services

Pothole repairs
Maintenance of utility street cuts
Maintenance of curb and gutters
Maintenance of storm drains and piping systems
Street sweeping
Leaf collection
Maintenance of streets in winter months for ice and snow
Maintenance and installation of street signs
Maintenance of painted roadway markings
Mowing of City right-of-ways
Responsible for all locations within the Street Dept. – per TN One Call

Waste Collection Services

Curbside residential trash pick-up (no garbage)
Curbside limb pick-up (residents only – no contractors)

Water Dept (Distribution) Services

Installation of all new residential water taps
Maintenance of all water mains and service lines
Maintenance of all water pumping stations and pressure regulators
Maintenance of all fire hydrants
Responsible for all locates within water distribution – per TN One Call

public-works-unioncity-tnWaste Water Collection System Services

Install all new residential sewer taps
Maintenance of all sewer mains
Maintenance of all sewer lift stations
Unstop backup problems with jetter truck, with proper curbside cleanouts.
Responsible for all locates for collection system – per TN One Call

Office Services

Prepare and dispatch all work orders for each department
Code and process accounts payable invoices
Maintain inventory for each department
Maintain records and G.I.S mapping for each department
Maintain personnel time records
Process and maintain accident reports within departments
Assist other departments with special projects 

Maintenance Garage Services

Maintenance of all service vehicles and equipment for each City department;
Police, Water, Waste Collection, Street, Sewer, Parks, and Turf Management.


The goal of the Public Works Department is to provide our citizens with prompt, courteous, economical and safe services, and to ensure that our infrastructure meets or exceeds the growing needs of our community for present day and into the future.

Title VI Public Notice: The City of Union City does not discriminate based on race, color, or national origin in federal or state sponsored programs, pursuant to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C. 2000d).