Rental Inspections

2022 – 2023 Rental Inspections

12221102Main St (East)Single FamilyRalph Adams1/3/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1223819Mercer St (East)Single FamilyReyna Tinajero1/5/2022NSmoke AlarmsJohn Davidson
1224819Mercer St (EastDuplexReyna Tinajero1/6/2022YAll items fixedJohn Davidson
12251544Mathews StDuplexVillages of Autumnwood LLC1/10/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
12262313Norwood DrDuplexDonnie & Pamela Betts1/11/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1227500Westview DrSingle FamilyJimmy Menees1/21/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1228627Sixth St (North)Tri-PlexHal Mosier1/28/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1229610Sixth St (South)DuplexBilly Logan1/28/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
12301506Rutherford StTownhouseHopkins Rentals1/28/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1231617Fourth St (North)Single FamilyDale Ross1/31/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1232803Second St (North)Single FamilyDilyn Gorton1/31/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
12331207Sunswept AveSingle FamilyBruce Laws2/1/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1234916Home St (North)Single FamilyCurtis Murphy2/8/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
12351213Edwards StSingle FamilyBrooks Duncan2/8/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1236431Jackson StSingle FamilyJeff Allen2/8/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
12371108Henderson StSingle FamilyRobert Keathley2/28/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1238909Fifth StDuplexDanny Larcom2/28/2022YNoneLaura Soto
12391210McAdoo CircleSingle FamilyTommy Corley2/28/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
12402712Reelfoot Ave (East)Single FamilyMoiser Properties2/25/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1241703First St (South)ApartmentRalph Adams2/24/2022YUpstairs WestJohn Davidson
1242426Jackson St (East)DuplexJeff Allen2/23/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1243720Howard StSingle FamilyShea Riley2/23/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
12442304Norwood DrDuplexThomas Appleton2/23/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1245210Royal StSingle FamilyJessica Herman2/24/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1246519High St (East)Single FamilyJeff Allen2/21/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1247509Cheatham St (West)Single FamilyJeff Allen2/21/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1248815Division StSingle FamilyRoney Rentals3/1/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1249112College St (East)Single FamilyRoney Rentals3/1/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1250223Sixth St (South)DuplexRalph Adams3/1/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
12511006Fifth St (South)Tri-PlexRalph Adams3/1/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
12522112Nailling DrApartmentJeff Allen3/2/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1253929First St (South)Single FamilyRalph Adams3/2/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1254214College St (West)ApartmentRoney Rentals3/4/2022NNoneJohn Davidson
1255921Cheatham St (East)Single FamilyJose Valencia3/4/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1256214College St (West)DuplexRoney Rentals3/7/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
12572220Norwood DrApartmentRalph Adams3/7/2022YDownstairs BJohn Davidson
1258630Third St (North)DuplexAlan Tidwell3/7/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1259610Fourth St (North)Single FamilyJeff Allen3/9/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1260318Jackson St (West)Single FamilyJeff Allen3/9/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
12613000Lantern LnApartmentJeff Allen3/9/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
12623000Lantern LnApartmentJeff Allen3/9/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1263608Morgan St (North)Single FamilyCharles Siglow3/9/2022NFix floor joists in bedrooms; Repair windowsJohn Davidson
1264313Dobbins (North)Single FamilyRobert James3/10/2022YFix electrical switch & Smoke alarmsJohn Davidson
1265625Sixth (South)Single FamilyTommy Gurley3/11/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1266703First St (South)ApartmentRalph Adams3/11/2022YEast ApartmentJohn Davidson
12672436Reelfoot Ave (East)Single FamilyRoberto Castro3/11/2022NRe-inspect before tenant moves in.John Davidson
12681008Cheatham St (East)Single FamilyTravis Howard3/14/2022YFor ConstructionJohn Davidson
1269412Harrison StSingle FamilyRalph Adams3/15/2022YScreen on Storm DoorJohn Davidson
12701005Nevel StSingle FamilyDerek Doster3/15/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1271103Gibbs St (West)ApartmentTony Preciado3/17/2022NDoesn to meet minimum standardsJohn Davidson
1272101Gibbs (West)ApartmentTony Preciado3/17/2022NDoes not meet minimum standardsJohn Davidson
1273202Railroad StApartmentEarnest Daniels3/18/2022YFor commercial lease, utilities and water for clean up and prep, re inspect before opening.John Davidson
1274919Division St (North)Single FamilyMathew Goodrich3/21/2022NWindow in bedroom needs repair. Smoke alarms needed in bedroomsJohn Davidson
12751315Honeysuckle DriveSingle FamilyMorris Carroll3/22/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1276704Division St (North)Single FamilyRoney Randall3/23/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1277310Beck StSingle FamilyJeff Allen 3/24/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1278605Fifth St (North)Single FamilyKristi Allen 3/28/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
12791407Ruthford StSingle FamilyRichard Smith3/30/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1280418Dr Martin Luther King JrDuplexEd Griffin3/30/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
12811542Mathews StSingle FamilyVillage of Autumnwood LLC3/28/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1282919Division St (North)Single FamilyRalph Adams3/24/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1283904Robinhood DrSingle FamilyMaurice Carroll3/30/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1284923First St (South)Single FamilyCharles Ray3/31/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
12852602Lynn StSingle FamilyChris Wright4/1/2022YMeter leak checkJohn Davidson
12861361WebsterSingle FamilyConnie White4/1/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
12871313N Clover StSingle FamilyCarmella Frilling4/1/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1288208S Sixth StSingle FamilyCurtis 4/1/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1289612S Ury StApartmentRalph Adams4/4/2022YRotted Facsia board front porch/Replace window living room(water damage)rebuild rough opening, call John when repaired.John Davidson
1290502S 6 th StSingle FamilyJeff Allen4/4/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1291313N Dobbin StSingle FamilyRobert James4/4/2022NO SHOW-
12921206S Home StSingle FamilyBrooks Duncan4/4/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1293218E. Gibbs StSingle FamilySantos Lopez4/4/2022YNeeds pressure test on gas line before activation of gas service. May need to set water meter.John Davidson
1294115N Ury StApartmentJones Rentals4/5/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1295831Martin Luther King DrApartmentJones Rentals4/5/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1296218Gibbs St (East)Single FamilySantos Lopez4/6/2022
1297513N Third StSingle FamilyJose Perez Godinez4/7/2022NNo house numbers, no smoke detectorsLaura Soto
1298513N Third StSingle FamilyJose Perez Godinez4/7/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1299829Dr Martin Luther King Jr DrSingle FamilyDAS PROPERTIES LLC4/8/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1300911Summer StSingle FamilyRebecca Buckner4/8/2022NNeed smoke detectorsLaura Soto
1301911Summer StSingle FamilyRebecca Buckner 4/14/2022YRe-Inspectin 6 monthsJohn Davidson
13021323High StreetSingle FamilyConnie White4/18/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1303625N Second StSingle FamilyVaden Properties4/18/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1304512W. Washington AveSingle FamilyJerry Ward and Hal Mosier4/22/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1305630E. JacksonSingle FamilyRalph Adams4/25/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1306716Edwards StSingle FamilyMathew Snow4/27/2022NNeeds two smoke detectorsLaura Soto
1307604N Second StSingle FamilyJeff Allen4/28/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1308416E. Bransford StSingle FamilyJeff Allen4/28/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
13091076Highland AveSingle FamilyHouston Persinger4/26/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1310305E. CollegeSingle FamilyTed MCINTOSH4/26/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1311716Edwards StSingle FamilyMatt Snow4/28/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
13121017E. FloridaSingle FamilyJeff Allen4/29/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1313729Nelson StreetSingle FamilyConnie Fry5/2/2022YNoneLaura Soto
13142436E. Reelfoot AveSingle FamilyRobert Castro4/14/2022NO SHOWJohn Davidson
13152436E. Reelfoot AveSingle FamilyRobert Castro5/3/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1316315W. FloridaSingle FamilyRobbie Renea White5/5/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1317920S FifthDuplexJerry Ward and Hal Mosier5/9/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1318911E. Church StSingle FamilyRODRIGUEZ MAURICIO CAMACHO5/9/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1319630E. Jackson StSingle FamilyRalph Adams5/9/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1320710N Fourth StSingle FamilyRenee Dillon and Megan Hines5/10/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1321934S Fifth StSingle FamilyHal Mosier and Jerry Ward5/13/2022YNoneLaura Soto
13221004N Division StSingle FamilyGlasgow5/13/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1323416S Fourth StSingle FamilyAlan Tidwell5/16/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
13241208McAdoo CircleSingle FamilyTommy Corley5/17/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1325923Summer StreetSingle FamilyHal Mosier5/17/2022YNoneLaura Soto
13261523E. Mathews StDuplexHal Mosier5/24/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1327622E. Leah StSingle FamilyCharles Siglow5/18/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1328207N Division StSingle FamilyConnie Fry/ Ralph Adams5/25/2022YReinspect on new windows in bedrooms in 4 weeks.Laura Soto
1329910Sherwood DrSingle FamilyKatie Keathley5/26/2022Y2 additional smoke alarms in 2 bedrooms, done per pix and video from 05/27/2022Laura Soto
13301012N Baker StreetSingle FamilyEdna Mcintosh5/26/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1331202E.Todd StSingle FamilyTim Mcintosh5/27/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1332411S Fourth StSingle FamilyJeff Allen5/24/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1333923S Ury StSingle FamilyJeff Allen6/3/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
13341024E. High StSingle FamilyJeff Allen6/3/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
13351005S Ury StSingle FamilyJeff Allen6/7/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
13362216Norwood DrSingle FamilyRalph Adams6/7/2022YSmoke alarm moving from kitchen to hallway- removing old mattresses from back porchLaura Soto
1337316S 4th StSingle FamilyDiane Riley6/8/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1338403S 6th St, apt #3Single FamilyHal Mosier6/9/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1339509N Bank StSingle FamilyOrrin Crowley6/10/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
13401350Hillcrest DrSingle FamilyLatimer Bill Investments6/13/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1341501W. Cheatham StSingle FamilyMartha Scribner6/15/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1342303N Morgan StSingle FamilyRalph Adams6/10/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1343607N Fifth StDuplexJim Menees6/16/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1344516N Ury StSingle FamilyJerry and Brenda King6/16/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1345804N Division StSingle FamilyAutumn Faught6/16/2022YTemp occupancy 30 Days. Johns number is placed in the lower portion.John Davidson
1346225S Sixth StSingle FamilyRalph Adams6/22/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
13471019E. Exchange StSingle FamilyRalph Adams6/22/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1348204S Taylor StSingle FamilyRalph Adams6/22/2022NNo smoke alarms in bedroom, fix door handles, Fix rotting windows ONE YEAR.John Davidson
1349411S Miles AveSingle FamilyJimmy Jones6/27/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1350515E. GibbsSingle FamilyCharles Siglow6/28/2022YNoneLaura Soto
13511455Pleasant Valley DrSingle FamilyHopkins Rentals6/29/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1352204S Taylor StreetSingle FamilySteve Goodrich7/1/2022N2 missing/ non-operable smoke detectors, 1 missing door knob in bathroomLaura Soto
13531109E. Martin Luther King Jr DrSingle FamilyRalph Adams7/1/2022N3 MISSING SMOKE DETECTORS ( 2 BEDROOMS +HALLWAY) window is painted shut in first bedroom on left sideLaura Soto
1354204S Taylor StSingle FamilySteven Goodrich7/1/2022YVan will be removedLaura Soto
13551109E. Martin Luther King Jr DrSingle FamilyRalph Adams7/1/2022YSmoke detector needed-hallway-will send picLaura Soto
1356508N 3rd StSingle FamilyJeff Allen7/6/2022YNoneLaura Soto
13571007Perkins StSingle FamilyJeff Allen7/8/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
13582516Lynn StSingle FamilyJeff Allen6/23/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1359415W. GibbsSingle FamilyJeff Allen6/23/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1360219S Third StSingle FamilyFrederico Hurtado6/23/2022YRe Inspect 60 daysJohn Davidson
13611304Bethelhem RdSingle FamilyEliseo Arellano7/8/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
13622717Salem DrSingle FamilySoney Ferguson7/11/2022YRe inspect when finished, 30 daysJohn Davidson
1363420S Division StSingle FamilyJeff Allen7/13/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1364629S Sixth StSingle FamilyTommy and Jamie Gurley7/15/2022YNoneLaura Soto
13651508Rutherford StSingle FamilyJames Harris7/18/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1366420East Palmer StSingle FamilyRalph Adams7/18/2022YAdd batteries to hallway one- Send Pic/videoLaura Soto
1367712N Second StSingle FamilyBritt Barkley7/19/2022YSink being replaced in bathroom- picsLaura Soto
1368914N Division StSingle FamilyJeff Allen7/21/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1369502Flower StSingle FamilyJeff Allen7/21/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1370722Martin Luther King Jr Single FamilyRalph Adams7/22/2022YElectrical inspection passed and taggedJohn Davidson
1371722E. Reelfoot AveSingle FamilyHal Mosier7/25/2022YHal Mosier called it inLaura Soto
13722425E.Reelfoot AveSingle FamilyJeff Allen7/26/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1373622E. Jackson StSingle FamilyRalph Adams7/26/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1374616N Third StSingle FamilySteve Goodrich7/26/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1375309Beck StSingle FamilyDonnie Johnson7/26/2022YNoneLaura Soto
13761129S Fourth StSingle FamilyRobbie White7/26/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
13771319E. High StSingle FamilyJeff Allen7/27/2022YNoneLaura Soto
13791455Pleasant Valley DrSingle FamilyCLINT POWELL7/28/2022YGas inspection approvedJohn Davidson
1380915E. Vine StSingle FamilyJimmy Jones7/29/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
13811016N Division StSingle FamilyRalph Adams7/29/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
13821013Nevell StSingle FamilyRoney Rentals7/29/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
13832436E. Reelfoot AveSingle FamilyRoberto Castro7/29/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1384611S Fourth StSingle FamilyJohn Vaden8/1/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1385735Howard StSingle FamilyEmily Knudsen8/1/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
13862220Norwood St Apt CApartmentRalph Adams8/4/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
13871512E. Mathews StSingle FamilyRalph Adams8/4/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1388620Exchange StSingle FamilyRoney Rentals8/4/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
13891202Walker StSingle FamilyRalph Adams8/4/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1390838S Fifth StSingle FamilyHal Mosier8/3/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1391419S Sixth StSingle FamilyRoney Rentals8/5/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1392716Sherrill StSingle FamilyHopkins Rentals8/11/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1393907E. CollegeSingle FamilyJose E. Prieto8/10/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
13941301E. High StSingle FamilyJeff Allen8/9/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1395418S Clover StSingle FamilyJimmy Jones8/12/2022YNoneLaura Soto
13961006S Second StSingle FamilyConnie Fry8/12/2022YAdd new/replace weather strip on back doorLaura Soto
13971376WILLIAMSBURGSingle FamilyBetty Keathley8/16/2022YNoneLaura Soto
13982915Green leafSingle FamilyAntonio leal caballero8/15/2022YExtra smoke alarms, text 731-234-6310John Davidson
13991513Honeysuckle LnSingle FamilyMaurice Carroll8/17/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1400303N Morgan StApartmentRalph Adams8/19/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1401927S Homes StSingle FamilyRalph Adams8/22/2022NDispose toilet-outside/backyard,close craw space behind property near back steps,backroom habitable or storage, back door- could not open-shave trim around door, closet area in front of bedroom clean/cover upp exposed pipes.Laura Soto
1402611North 4thSingle FamilyJEFF ALLEN8/22/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1403712N 1st StSingle FamilyDavid Piazza8/26/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1404615S Third StSingle FamilySteven Goodrich8/30/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1405927S Home StSingle FamilyRalph Adams8/30/2022YIssues have been fixed/addressedLaura Soto
1406903E. Church StSingle FamilyBobbie Adams8/30/2022Y(1)Move smoke detectors from hallway to interior bedrooms on righ side. (2)Open back bedroom window.Laura Soto
14071324Webster StSingle FamilyDonnie and Pamela Betts9/7/2022YNoneLaura Soto
14081219Exchange StSingle FamilyRalph Adams9/8/2022YMoving working smoke alarm from kitchen to livingroom- will send picsLaura Soto
14091309Sunswept DriveSingle FamilyJohn and Samuel Freeman9/13/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1410816S 2nd StSingle FamilyRoney Rentals9/14/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1411905S Fifth StSingle FamilyHal Mosier9/6/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
14123000Lantern Lane, Apt 1AApartmentJeff Allen9/16/2022YNoneLaura Soto
14131204Walker StSingle FamilyJeff Allen9/16/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1414409E. GIBBSSingle FamilyRONEY RENTALS10/6/2022YNoneLaura Soto
14151349Hillcrest DriveSingle FamilyBill Latimer Investments10/3/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1416911 N. Second StSingle FamilyBritt Barkley9/28/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1417421S. Sixth StSingle FamilyRoney Rentals9/26/2022Y731-234-6310John Davidson
14181013Baker StreetSingle FamilyTed MCINTOSH9/27/2022YNoneLaura Soto
14191311E. High StSingle FamilyRuben and Antonio Sanchez9/20/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1420512Summer StSingle FamilyRalph Adams9/23/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1421506N. First StSingle FamilyBobbie Adams9/23/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1422610N. Glendale StSingle FamilySteven Goodrich10/7/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1423518E. Florida AveSingle FamilyStephanie and Kevin Vanbrocklin10/7/2022Yadding two smoke detectors,bedroom off kitchen, bedroom off livingroom---CorrectedLaura Soto
1424626S. Ury StSingle FamilyMary and Melvin Hill10/11/2022YWindows did not open- however there are two doors off each bedroom to outsideLaura Soto
1425615S. Third StSingle FamilySteve Goodrich10/12/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1426804S. Third StSingle FamilyJeff Allen10/13/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1427700N. Division StSingle FamilyRoney Rentals10/13/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1428409Taylor StSingle FamilyBrit Barkley9/19/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1429411Taylor StSingle FamilyBrit Barkley9/19/2022yNoneJohn Davidson
14301147Byrn StSingle FamilyKyle Winstead9/19/2022yNoneJohn Davidson
14311076Highland AveSingle FamilyHouston Persinger9/22/2022y731-234-6310John Davidson
1432817E. GibbsSingle FamilySteve Goodrich10/14/2022yNoneLaura Soto
14333012W. Main StSingle FamilyDamon Bryant10/17/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1434408N. Home StSingle FamilyRalph Adams10/18/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1435619N. Fifth StSingle FamilyJeff Allen10/19/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1436621N. Fifth StSingle FamilyJeff Allen10/19/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1437623E. Vine StSingle FamilyCentury 21 Rental10/20/2022YNoneLaura Soto
14381121S. 4th StSingle FamilyJimmy Jones10/20/2022YNoneLaura Soto
14392436Burrus StSingle FamilyCentury 21 Rental1/20/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1440607N. 5th StSingle FamilySkyhawk Rentals10/20/2022Y60 DAYS TO REPAIR OR REPLACE WATER HEATER (LEAK) IN THE NEAR BACK ROOM TOWARDS BACK DOOR.Laura Soto
1441821E. Vine StSingle FamilyCentury 21 Rental10/25/2022YWeatherstrip needed around the sidedoorLaura Soto
14423000Lantern Lane, Apt 49Single FamilyJeff Allen10/26/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1443730E. High StSingle FamilyCentury 21 Rental10/26/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1444412S. Sixth StSingle FamilyBilly and Winfred Logan10/31/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1445423W. Florida AveSingle FamilyCentury 21 Rental11/2/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1446821East MercerDuplexJose Prieto11/4/2022YSoft Spot in front bedroom to the left-repair/fix or replace. Small window break in back bedroom-repair/fix or replace.Laura Soto
1447503W. Church StSingle FamilyRoney Rentals11/9/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1448808N. Second StSingle FamilyJason and Tina Montgomery11/9/2022YNoneLaura Soto
14491216Fairway AveSingle FamilyCentury 21 Rental11/10/2022YNoneLaura Soto
14501325S. Miles AveSingle FamilyCentury 21 Rental11/10/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1451711S. Home StSingle FamilyJeff Allen11/14/2022NNone working smoke detectorsLaura Soto
1452711S. Home StSingle FamilyJeff Allen11/14/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1453702Edwards StSingle FamilyMatt and Angie Snow11/14/2022NNon working smoke detectorsLaura Soto
1454702Edwards StSingle FamilyMatt sand Angie Snow11/14/2022YNONELaura Soto
1455208W. Jackson Single FamilyDwight Tittle11/16/2022YNONEJohn Davidson
1456925N. Second StSingle FamilyBilly Logan11/28/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1457618S. Ury StSingle FamilyJeff Allen11/28/2022YNoneLaura Soto
14581007Perkins StSingle FamilyJeff Allen11/28/2022YNoneLaura Soto
14591003Perkins StSingle FamilyJeff Allen11/28/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1460705E. Mercer StSingle FamilyJohn M. Vaden11/30/2022YExterior Paint/ Siding CosmeticLaura Soto
1461608Morgan StreetSingle FamilyCharles Siglow11/30/2022Nnon working smoke detectors in the houseLaura Soto
14622216Norwood Apt #CSingle FamilyRalph Adams12/2/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1463608N. Moorgan StSingle FamilySiglow12/2/2022YNONEJohn Davidson
14641133Woodlawn PlSingle FamilyRalph Adams12/5/2022YNONEJohn Davidson
1465514N. Second StSingle FamilyHenry Allen12/5/2022YNONEJohn Davidson
14661205McAdoo CircleSingle FamilyTommy Corley12/1/2022YNONEJohn Davidson
14671506Rutherford StSingle FamilyHopkin Rentals12/6/2022YNONELaura Soto
14681002E. High StSingle FamilyCentury 21 Rental11/30/2022YNONELaura Soto
1469214W. College StSingle FamilyRoney Rentals11/2/2022YFront porch, den floor, hot water heater , 731-234-6310John Davidson
1470105E. Lee St Apt #4ApartmentSkyhawk Rentals11/9/2022YSheet rock around electrical panel before next inspection - JCDJohn Davidson
14711120Mt Zion RdSingle FamilyStanley Smithers11/7/2022Y731-234-6310John Davidson
14722912GreenleafSingle FamilyLarry Mark11/7/2022YNONEJohn Davidson
1473411S. Division StSingle FamilyNorman Chandler12/6/2022YNONELaura Soto
14741418E. Oak StSingle FamilyBillie Burkett12/14/2022YNONELaura Soto
1475207S. 6th StSingle FamilyHal Mosier12/14/2022YNoneLaura Soto
14761319E.Church StSingle FamilyCentury 21 Rental12/20/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1477612S. Ury St, North #1ApartmentCentury 21 Rental12/20/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1478701N. Fifth StSingle FamilyJeff Allen12/21/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1479420W. Church StSingle FamilyCentury 21 Rental12/22/2022YNoneLaura Soto
14801021E. Exchange StSingle FamilyHenry Allen12/22/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1481707Sherrill StSingle FamilyPam Smith12/22/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1482724N. Fifth StSingle FamilyCentury 21 Rental12/28/2022YMore Working Heaters * follow up in 2-3 weeks to verifyLaura Soto
14831155Byrn StSingle FamilySheila Roberts12/29/2022YNoneLaura Soto
1484707S. Ury StSingle FamilyRoney Rentals12/30/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1485421E. Church StSingle FamilyCentury 21 Rental12/30/2022YNoneJohn Davidson
1486624Vine St (East)Single FamilyCentury 21 Rental1/4/2023YNoneLaura Soto
14871313College St (East)Single FamilyCentury 21 Rental1/6/2023YMove smoke detector from living room to bedroom(s) hallway, Repair loose tile in the bathroomLaura Soto
1488423Ury St (South)ApartmentDanny Larcom1/6/2023YNoneLaura Soto
14892532Burrus ExtSingle FamilyMaurice Carroll1/12/2023YNoneLaura Soto
1490810Cheatham St (East)Single FamilyMax Robert Woods1/13/2023YBattery to be replaced in second bedroom on leftside. Pic and video to 731-446-4977Laura Soto
1491829Martin Luther Dr (East)Single FamilyJerry Ward/ Hal Mosier1/20/2023YNoneLaura Soto
1492810Cheatham St (East)Single FamilyRobert Woods1/23/2023YNONELaura Soto
1493234First St (South) Apt# 101ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1494234First St (South) Apt# 102ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1495234First St (South) Apt# 103ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1496234First St (South) Apt# 104ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1497234First St (South) Apt# 105ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1498234First St (South) Apt# 201ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1499234First St (South) Apt# 202ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1500234First St (South) Apt# 203ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1501234First St (South) Apt# 204ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1502234First St (South) Apt# 205ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1503234First St (South) Apt# 206ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1504234First St (South) Apt# 207ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1505234First St (South) Apt# 208ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1506234First St (South) Apt# 209ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1507234First St (South) Apt# 210ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1508234First St (South) Apt# 211ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1509234First St (South) Apt# 301ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1510234First St (South) Apt# 302ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1511234First St (South) Apt# 303ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1512234First St (South) Apt# 304ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1513234First St (South) Apt# 305ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1514234First St (South) Apt# 306ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1515234First St (South) Apt# 307ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1516234First St (South) Apt# 308ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1517234First St (South) Apt# 309ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1518234First St (South) Apt# 310ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1519234First St (South) Apt# 311ApartmentNailling Doc LLC1/23/2023YNONEProperty Manager
15201408Church St (East) Apt #16ApartmentUnion City Housing1/19/2023YNONEProperty Manager
1521724Pierce StSingle FamilyCentury 21 Rental1/25/2023YNoneLaura Soto
15222316Norwood DrSingle FamilyLaura and Jesse Amesquita1/27/2023YNONELaura Soto
1523910Jordan TerraceSingle FamilyRosemary Dysart and Emerson Wells1/25/2023NNONELaura Soto
15242216Norwood Drive, Apt DApartmentCentury 21 Rental1/24/2023YAdd weather strip around front main door, move smoke alarm from kitchen to bedroom, open up window's, add lock to screen door at kitchen area.Laura Soto
15251203Lone Oak DrSingle FamilyDavid Wall2/2/2023YNoneLaura Soto
1526619Ury St (South)Single FamilyDanny Larcom2/3/2023YMove or add smoke detector to the hallway from kitchenLaura Soto
1527617Ury St (South)Single FamilyDanny Larcom2/3/2023YMove smoke detector from kitchen or add a new one to hallway.Laura Soto
1528615Ury St (South)Single FamilyDanny Larcome2/3/2023YMove smoke detector from kitchen to hallway.Laura Soto
1529630Third St (North) Apt NApartmentAllen Tidwell2/3/2023YReplace window on lower panel in bedroom.Laura Soto
1530519Third St (North)Single FamilyCentury 21 Rental2/7/2023YWeather Strip both back doors,Send picture of new window open, add another smoke detector to other side of wall or 3rd bedroom.Laura Soto
1531634Jackson StSingle FamilyCentury 21 Rental2/10/2023YNoneJohn Davidson
1532920S. Second StSingle FamilyHal Mosier2/10/2023YNoneJohn Davidson
15331008E. Mercer StSingle FamilyKaren Boaz2/10/2023YReinspect in 14 daysJohn Davidson
1534604S. Home StSingle FamilyRalph Adams2/15/2023YExterior flaking paint - one yearJohn Davidson
1535915Second St (South) Apt #3ApartmentSiglow Charles2/13/2023YNoneJohn Davidson
1536504W. Main StSingle FamilyCentury 21 Rental2/16/2023YNoneLaura Soto
1537201Ford StSingle FamilyHal Mosier2/22/2023YNoneRaquel Villegas
15381163Circle DrSingle FamilyJames Harris2/22/2023Y1 smoke detector in the dining room behind the kitchen needs battery.Raquel Villegas
15392450Vernon StSingle FamilyTommy Corley2/23/2023YNoneLaura Soto
1540616E. Church StSingle FamilyRalph Adams2/23/2023YNoneJohn Davidson
1541228Green Wood Single FamilyTess Westmoreland2/17/2023YNoneJohn Davidson
1542606S. Fourth StSingle FamilyRoney Rentals2/24/2023YFuse Box, Replacing panel around door wayLaura Soto
1543703First St (South) Upstairs apartmentApartmentCentury 21 Rental2/27/2023YNoneLaura Soto
1544403N. Third StSingle FamilyMosier, Roger3/2/2023YNoneRaquel Villegas
15451102E. Main StreetSingle FamilyCentury 21 Rental3/3/2023YExterior repairs- TBDLaura Soto
1546519E. High StSingle FamilyJeff Allen3/7/2023YNoneRaquel Villegas
1547906First St (South)Single FamilyKevin Seaton3/7/2023YWith correction of dryer connection being replaced with proper connection piping.-Backdoor is locked with dead bolt. Renter must have a key incase of emergency situations.Raquel Villegas
1548304Greenwood Single FamilyCentury 21 Rental 3/8/2023YEnsure that all crawlspace access points are closed.Laura Soto
15491015Ury St (South)Single FamilyJeff Allen3/10/2023YNoneRaquel Villegas
1550417E. Florida AveSingle FamilyJeff Allen3/10/2023YThresh old is missing - please add to back door to close gap.Raquel Villegas
1551725N. Second StSingle FamilyJeff Allen3/10/2023Y725 numbers need to be darker for better visibility, Crack on window in the first bedroom.Raquel Villegas
1552621N. Second StSingle FamilyJeff Allen3/10/2023YNoneRaquel Villegas
1553320W. Jackson StSingle FamilyJeff Allen3/10/2023YNoneRaquel Villegas
1554429Beck StSingle FamilyJeff Allen3/10/2023YNoneRaquel Villegas
15551208S. Third StSingle FamilyMain Street Rentals3/13/2023YCorrect House NumbersLaura Soto
15561121S. Second StSingle FamilyReyna , Jonathan and jessica3/13/2023YBreaker box outside-Laura Soto
1557703First St (South)ApartmentCentury 21 Rentals3/13/2023Re-InspectWeather strip under front door, heater in fireplace room, cosmetic work-doorknobs + faucet/ shower headLaura Soto
1558917Nevel StSingle FamilyMark Cooper3/15/2023YFire detector in living room needs to be placed on the ceiling and one in each bedroom (2). Tenant will send a picture when installed. Raquel Villegas
1559617E. Martin Luther KingSingle FamilyHope of Martin3/14/2023YNoneLaura Soto
1560720N. Fifth StSingle FamilyJeff Allen3/17/2023YKnob Fuse BoxLaura Soto
1561437W. Jackson StSingle FamilyCentury 21 Rentals3/21/2023YWater Heater maybe in kitchen in enclosed box.Raquel Villegas
15622220Norwood Apt BApartmentCentury 21 Rentals3/21/2023YFront Bedroom Window is sealed, Send Pictures of window open to 916-613-0208Raquel Villegas
15632336Norwood DrSingle FamilyCody Carter and Ryan Chandler3/23/2023YFire detector in left side bedroom needs a battery, Fire detector missing from the livingroom. Will send over an email with corrections.Raquel Villegas
15641314E. Church StSingle FamilyJeff Allen3/23/2023YNONEJohn Davidson
15651115E. Church StSingle FamilyBrook Duncan3/22/2023YNONEJohn Davidson
1566514N. Third StSingle FamilyTed McIntosh3/27/2023YNONEJohn Davidson
1567708N. Third StSingle FamilyConnie White3/27/2023YNONEJohn Davidson
1568420N. Division StSingle FamilyCharles Siglow3/27/2023YTemporary to turn lights on to finish remodeling. Re-Inspection 04/24/2023Raquel Villegas
1569223S. Sixth StDuplexCentury 213/28/2023YNONERaquel Villegas
1570819E. Mercer StDuplexReyna Tinajero, Jose Prieto3/29/2023YAdding new smoke detectors to living room and first right side bedroom.Raquel Villegas
1571416W. FloridaSingle FamilyD & B Group3/31/2023YNONERaquel Villegas
15721321E. Church StSingle FamilyCentury 21 Rentals3/31/2023YNONELaura Soto
15732715Lake DrSingle FamilyWilliam and Heather Quinton4/3/2023YNONELaura Soto
15741207S. Sunswept DriveSingle FamilyBruce and Brittney Laws4/3/2023YNONELaura Soto
15751004N. Division StSingle FamilyCharles Siglow2/3/2023YNONEJohn Davidson
15762220Norwood DrApartmentCentury 21 Rentals4/10/2023YNONELaura Soto
1577309Beck StApartmentDonnie Johnson4/11/2023YNONELaura Soto
1578916Jordan TerraceSingle FamilyCarmela & Curtis Mclendon4/11/2023YNONELaura Soto
15791207S. Third StSingle Familyc/o Tammie Edwards4/11/2023YSend photos/video of 2 bedrooms showing alarms and windows open by Monday April 17th, 2023 (sent)Laura Soto
1580514N. Second StSingle FamilyHenry Allen4/13/2023YNONEJohn Davidson
1581420N. Division StSingle FamilyCharles Siglow4/17/2023YRenting to own, back of house needs wood repair, no heat, a/c works, gas heaterLaura Soto
1582604N. Second StSingle FamilyJeff Allen4/18/2023YNONEJohn Davidson
15831124S. Fourth StSingle FamilyCharles Siglow4/18/2023YNONEJohn Davidson
15842432E. Reelfoot AveSingle FamilyJeff Allen4/19/2023YNONELaura Soto
1585612Ury StApartmentCentury 21 Rentals4/19/2023YNONELaura Soto
1586813N. Fifth StSingle FamilyJeff Allen4/20/2023YNONEJohn Davidson
1587911-913 E Todd StDuplexRyan Fisher4/21/2023Y913 side window picture TBD -2nd bedroom - fixedLaura Soto
1588423W. Florida AveSingle FamilyCentury 21 Rentals4/23/2023YNONELaura Soto
15891214S. Second StSingle FamilyMike Taylor4/27/2023YNONEJohn Davidson
1590212Taylor StSingle FamilyJeff Allen4/28/2023YNONEJohn Davidson
1591630E. Jackson St Apt. EApartmentCentury 21 Rentals5/1/2023YNONELaura Soto
1592219N. Division StSingle FamilyDavid Piazza5/1/2023YFuse BoxLaura Soto
15931116Cheatham St (East)Single FamilyFrancisco Cabon-Lucas5/1/2023YNONELaura Soto
1594105E. Lee St Apt #2 ApartmentChris Williams5/2/2023YNONEProperty Manager
15951013Nevel DrSingle FamilyRoney Rentals5/2/2023YNONELaura Soto
1596925S. Second StSingle FamilyJoseph Mallonee5/2/2023YAdding 2 smoke detectors outside of bedrooms (2), fixing window on bedroom #2, re-check in 2 weeksLaura Soto
1597721Sunswept Dr Apt #4ApartmentAlco Parkview Partners5/3/2023YRe-inspect 30 days - Temporary for cleaning before move in, management unavailable, no local representativeJohn Davidson
1598807Nelson StSingle FamilyAmy Montgomery5/5/2023YBreaker box - carportLaura Soto
15991091Elm StSingle FamilyGreen Trust Trustee5/8/2023YFuse box- carportLaura Soto
16001609N. Clover St Single FamilyEd Griffin5/9/2023YBreaker box- carport Laura Soto